You Don’t Have to Tell Everyone Everything (or anything for that matter)

What I’ve come to realize over the years is that I truly don’t have to tell everyone everything. And even then, I don’t have to tell them anything.

I used to think that if someone asked me a question, no matter how personal, I was obligated to answer them. That however, is simply not true. It has only been within the last year that I’ve actually come to realize this and in turn put it into practice. I used to hate  when people asked me personal questions regarding adoption and I did not feel even remotely comfortable answering. Sometimes I think that people don’t reaaaally think before they ask questions. In some situations, a question that they find totally fine can actually come off as offensive or insensitive.

Realize that you do not owe anyone anything in terms of your personal experience. You should be able to share that information with whomever you’re comfortable with whenever you are ready. Don’t feel pressured by anyone, no matter who they are.

Also, I used to think that I had to tell anyone that asked me something everything. But no. I can tell different people different things and as little or as much as I choose. I really don’t know why it’s taken nearly my entire life to realize this because it’s so liberating, but here I am ahah. Your life is just that; YOURS. SO, don’t feel like you have to have your story written across your forehead for all to read. Feel like you can talk to people, but only share sensitive things with safe people and guard yourself with an appropriate amount of caution. Worry about yourself more than how that one person may react.


xoxo, Lauren


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