Adoptee Thoughts Matter

There are simply some things in this world I will never understand.

One of those things would be, why it seems that adoptee voices seem to matter the least in the world of adoption. To me, this just makes no sense.

The biological parents have the right to their thoughts, the adoptive parents need insurmountable support, but what about the adoptee?

Oh that’s right, they’re just over here in their happy new life that they should be grateful for.

Now, don’t get me wrong- I am actually incredibly grateful and always will be.


Just because I’m grateful doesn’t mean that I don’t have thoughts and that those thoughts carry less weight.

Adoptees need support. More support than anyone seems to think that we do. I simply do not understand why there is such a lack of support. I mean, seriously? What’s sad is that even into adulthood, there is an appalling lack of support. This just doesn’t add up. The situations that we find ourselves in our difficult.

We are adjusting into new families, there is a separation with our biological families that probably will never fully go away. We feel alone. We feel rejected. We feel abandoned. We have trust issues. Love can feel unnatural. We’re insecure.

We’re adoptees, and our thoughts matter.


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