I’m Making Some Changes..

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

So as the title of this post says, i’m making some changes. I actually have two blogs at the moment- this one which is clearly all about adoption, and another one that I intended to be just about lifestyle. I named that blog Authentically Lauren because for the past several years I have not felt that I was being my true, authentic self. This summer I decided I was finally ready to go for it and start a blog talking about anything and everything that I want to.

The other day a close friend of mine actually asked me why these two blogs are not once, since being adopted is a huge part of who I am and since the other blog is supposed to be me being authentic. Also, it has just been far too confusing to manage the two blogs since I am not always equipped on a week to week basis to write something adoption related since that can be more emotional.

All that being said, I have decided to combine the two blogs and make Adoptee Thoughts a separate section of my Authentically Lauren blog. I would really appreciate if you guys would follow that blog : authenticallylaurenblog.wordpress.com

I would love to still be able to interact with all of you about all things adoption and also, I hope that you all will get to see the many different sides of me!

Thank you for your understanding!

xoxo, Lauren


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